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Pressa Rotativa Automatica mod. OM600-300T

Automatic Rotational Press
Mod. OM600-300T


Pressa Semi-Automatica Mod. OM200-R

Semi-Automatic Press
Mod. OM200-R


Dosatore Automatico 1° Strato Mod. KM200

1° Layer Automatic Batcher
Mod. KM200


Sistema Automatico di Prelievo Mod. OM50/F

Automatic Drawing Conveyor
Mod. OM50/F


Sistema di Prelievo Mod. OM50/W

Automatic Drawing Conveyor
Mod. OM50/W


Sistema di Scarico Mod. OM50/S

Automatic Feeding Conveyor
Mod. OM50/S


Levigatrice Lucidatrice Mod.OM800

Linear Polishing/Honing Machine
Mod. OM800


Sistema di Betonaggio Mod.OM3-5/G

Automatic Batching Plants
Mod. OM3-5/G


Mescolatore Planetario Mod. KM270

Planerary Mixer
Mod. KM270


Mescolatore A Vite Mod. OM2/C

Screw Mixer
Mod. OM2/C


Impianto Tipo

Typical Plant


FiltroPressa Mod. WD3500

Mod. WD3500


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