Project Description

Solid and rigid monolithic structure.
Conveyor belt sliding surface made with HARDOX special steel.

The Linear Polishing/Honing Machines Mod. OM800, available in versions from 2 to 8 heads with solid and rigid monolithic structure, are machines carefully designed in all components, allowing to obtain a high production and excellent polishing of tiles.
Fully automated and technologically advanced, these machines stand out for easy maintenance and allow the grinding and polishing of tiles of all types and sizes from 25x25x2 and 33x33x2 to 60x60x1, with a usable width of the belt of 800mm.

Linear Polishing Machines Mod. OM800/2

Mod. OM800/2
4.500 Kg – 71 kW

Linear Polishing Machines Mod. OM800/4

Mod. OM800/4
9.600 Kg – 140 kW

Linear Polishing Machines Mod. OM800/6

Mod. OM800/6
12.000 Kg – 200 kW

Linear Polishing Machines Mod. OM800/8

Mod. OM800/8
14.500 Kg – 237 Kw

Technical Features

  • Honing is carried out with an automatically compensated pneumatic system;

  • The working pressure of the grinding wheels is driven and controlled by an electro-pneumatic system that enables to use properly the full power of the motors;

  • The anti-abrasion conveyor belt is fed by means of an epicycloidal gearmotor which is driven by an electronic inverter, up of  7 linear meters per minute;

  • Independent electric and pneumatic controls for every single head;

  • All electric controls are carefully monitored to prevent improper operation;

  • Conveyor belt  sliding surface composed by wear-proof, anti-abrasion and anti-friction sections made with HARDOX special steel, easy to be replaced;

  • Grinding-wheel holder disc with fast-fixing system for mounting and dismounting of the abrasive wheels,  with steel support to prevent deformation, rotation speed of 450 Rpm;

  • Equipped with grinding-wheels in Carborundum;

  • Independent water-collector, made in Stainless steel, to cool the grinding wheels of each head.

Production Capacity up to 7 Linear meters per minute;
Overall weight from 4.500 up to about 12.500 Kg;
Installed power from 71 to 237 kW.