Quality & Reliability

Wide range of machines to produce tiles, flooring and concrete products

OMC Costruzioni Meccaniche designs and manufactures machines and automatic systems for the production of cement products, industrial and civil flooring, honed and polished tiles for indoor flooring, custom-designed tiles for sidewalks.

Thanks to our flexible production programs, we are able to meet all customer requirements, while maintaining high quality standards.
Carpentry, painting and electrical wiring are executed  and controlled by highly qualified personnel, the production of mechanical components is made with CNC machines of the latest generation, and for the assembly of machinery we use only first quality components.

The design process is performed with the most modern 3D C.A.D. and C.A.E. systems, that guaranteeing precision and reliability of each individual component and offering to the customer a precise study of the factory layout.

OMC Costruzioni Meccaniche emphasizes the assistance, collaboration and effficiecy it offers its customers both before and after the installation of the purchased machinery.
Our company, in following the technical evolution and market request, has invested heavily both in terms of design and construction quality, this allows us to offer, on the market, machines and systems that are characterized by easy operation and easy maintenance, as well high productivity.

OMC Costruzioni Meccaniche tends to continuously improve its products making technological innovations and reserves the right to make changes in its machinery without notice.

Photos and data shown in this website, in catalogs and brochures are indicative and not binding, as they can vary as a result of technological development.


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